Why It Is Important To Wrap And Pack Your Sink During A Move In Pasadena?

It is important to wrap and pack your sink during a move in Pasadena because sometimes we have invested a small fortune in plumbing equipment. Furthermore, it will help us accommodate faster with the new home.  If you think that preparing a sink for a move is an easy task you should think again.

sinkThere are certain rules to be followed when packing sanitation and plumbing items. They have many components and must be disassembled with care.  In most cases this operation means getting yourself a little dirty and wet.  You can avoid all the stress and mess if you call moving services in Pasadena.

First thing you should do is to check if all the pipes are in good condition and can be carried and packed for transport. Check the integrity of waste pipe, drain and flange. Then you must disconnect the pipes from the sink and clean them. You must wait until they are clean and dry before you can actually pack them.  You will need special bags to place all the nuts and bolts. Do not forget to label each box and item.

If you have problems memorizing the configuration, it is better to take some pictures or to have some schematics at hand. Or, again, you can let movers do their job. All these operation require buckets, screwdrivers, adjustable pliers, hacksaws, spray lubricants and so on.  You need to unscrew the faucet hoses, cut the bead of silicon caulk around the rim of the sink and so on.

Packing your precious plumbing is an art and only experienced moving workers are capable of understanding and apply it. If you do not want to have a mess and risk flooding your house, you should call for experts.

It does not hurt to look on the internet for local mover providing this kind of service.  You will also have the pleasant surprise to notice that the prices are quite affordable. Do not be afraid to call for help.

We are a licensed moving company in Pasadena and we can perform this kind of move with ease. We have the right men and tools to safely transport all your plumbing items.   For more details about us and our services, you are free to access our website. Visit our website!


by Ciprian Gurgu