Why Is Shrink Wrap Important For Moving In Pasadena Or Nearby Cities?

shrinkwrap14Shrink wrap is a type of material made up of polymer plastic film. When it is heated and applied to objects it shrinks tightly offering protection against dirt, scratches, bumps, cracks and many others. Shrink wrap is very common among movers in Pasadena and you can use it yourself if you plan on relocating.

On furniture

Shrink wrap can be applied on furniture. Being a resistant and at the same time malleable material it can cover any surfaces and offers great protection against dust, scratches or dirt. Furniture can get dusty in vans and it can be scratched during transportation, so wrapping it in shrink wrap is essential.

On appliances

Appliances have sensible surfaces which can be easily scratched. If you live in an apartment, imagine the maze your appliances have to go trough to get to the moving van. Can you risk carrying your kitchen appliances through all those stairs without proper protection? Use shrink wrap to cover and protect them against dust and scratches.

On fragile items

Fragile items like lamps, dishes, chinaware have to be well prepared during a move. It is impossible for movers in Pasadena to guarantee the safety of such objects, so it is up to you to take the necessary steps. Keep in mind that a simple clink can ruin all of your porcelain dishes and there are many bumps on the road. Vases, lamps and other glass objects can be kept clean and safe if they are covered in shrink wrap.

Shrink wrap and other materials

Although shrink wrap is stronger than other packing materials, you should not ignore the importance of other supplies like peanut foam, boxes, duct tape and others. Remember that when packing, you have to use boxes, peanut foam and duct tape for extra protection. You cannot just shrink wrap everything and hope for the best. Furniture, which cannot be packed into boxes, should be only covered in shrink wrap, but fragile items and appliances require extra padding and boxes.

In conclusion, shrink wrap is an important moving supply which offers a lot of protection for your valuables! If you need help with packing and transportation, do not hesitate to visit our website for a free quote!


by Bogdan Moisa