What are the Benefits of Double Boxing During a Move?

Moving can be a messy business: things get lost or damaged. We all have things in our house that we cannot afford to break! Whether they are very expensive or carry a great deal of sentimental value, some objects are part of the family and they must remain intact, even if you are moving to the end of the world.

bg1How can you protect fragile objects during a move? Double boxing can be the answer. The principle is very simple: you put your object in a box and then put that box in a bigger box. The advantage is that it provides additional protection and cover.

If you have expensive silverware, porcelain vases and other fragile objects you should pack them according to the double boxing method. This method is known among the bestmovers in Pasadena.Any professional moving company should be able to pack your expensive objects in the safest way possible. Although you can leave this job to a moving company from Pasadena, you can double box your own dishware, jewelry, glassware and other fragile or expensive objects!

You should get a box that fits your items. For example, jewelry should be packed in a small box, while for crockery a bigger container will be necessary. Fragile objects need to be protected inside the box too, so make sure you fill the open space around them with paper or bubble wrap. Make sure the box is secured by sealing the top with duct tape.

Next, put your box in a second, wider one. You can put several other containers in this second box. Again, make sure you fill the remaining open space with paper or bubble wrap in order to prevent any shaking. Write a warning on the box so that you or the moving company’s employers will know to be cautious.

Pasadena is a few miles from Los Angeles so transportation will not take too long, but an unexpected bump can still make a mess out of your chinaware if you do not pack your fragile objects correctly!

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by Bogdan Moisa

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