Pasadena Movers Recommend 5 Moving Supplies for Packing!

The degree of protection offered to your cargo is based on the quality of your packing supplies. If you want to make sure that your household goods arrive at their destination without any damage, choose high quality materials.  Movers in Los Angeles and Pasadena movers recommend 5 moving supplies for packing:

moving-la1)     Boxes. You will need small moving boxes (usually 20), medium boxes (10-15), large moving boxes (around 10), and x-large boxes (4-5), 5 heavy duty boxes, wardrobe boxes (5-6), boxes for electronics. Boxes must be sturdy and durable, without physical defects: punctures, scratches, wholes.   For extra protection, buy double-walled boxes. They can be purchased from local stores or from moving supplies retailers.

2)     Packing and cushioning materials. You will need newspapers, rags, foam, stretch wrap, inflatable bags, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. But do not use newsprint to wrap items that have a sensitive surface, like lamp shades. Use multiple layers of bubble wrap for extra protection. Place a base layer of cushioning material on the bottom of every box. After the items have been place, create another layer of cushioning material at the top.

3)     Labels. Use custom printed label for appropriate content: “fragile”, “kitchen”, “cutlery”.  Also, you can buy preprinted labels or blank labels, of various sizes and shapes. Do not forget to buy markets.  Labeling is an essential part of any move and helps you organize better the boxes and where they will be placed.

4)     Special Equipment.  Hand trucks and furniture dollies are always need for transporting large items or heavy furniture items.  Will reduce the amount of time needed for transporting boxes and will reduce the risk of causing an accident.

5)     Miscellaneous.  Packing tape, scissors, markers, straps, box cutters. Purchase mattresses to cover sofas and any upholstery.

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by Ciprian Gurgu


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