Moving Company Pasadena Offers 3 Tips For Moving Electronics

Electronics are expensive and fragile, having intricate circuitry and delicate displays. They must be packed with utmost care and special moving conditions must be provided.  Moving companies Los Angeles provides have the right tools and materials for safely moving electronics. If you are willing to do the job on your own, Moving Company Pasadena offers 3 tips for moving electronics.

electronics_moving1)     Follow exact instructions. You must consult the manufacturer guide or user guide for special moving instruction. Most of these guides offer valuable info about the way you must dismantle the device (if such thing is possible and recommended) and what materials would be better to use.  If you no longer have the user guide, you can usually obtain an online version by visiting the website of the manufacturer. Just be sure to know the model of that specific device.

Also, you can order a copy online. If a device has a toner or an ink cartridge, remove the cartridge and place it in a sealable bag. Place the bag in a box where you have other bags of the same piece of equipment. Remove all the DVDs, CDs, USB sticks and other media or data storage devices from the equipment. Use separate boxes for media and data storage devices.

2)     Use quality materials.  First check if you have the original box and packing equipment. Reuse it. If not, you can purchase online electronic specialty boxes.  Contact the manufacturer or a moving company; they both should have this sort of boxes.  The manufacturer can give you a return kit at low cost.

But, in absence of return kits of specialty boxes, you can use double-walled boxes. They are ticker than regular boxes and provide extra protection.  Use antistatic popcorn or packing bubbles. Do not use materials that conduct electricity.

3)     Unplug cables. Unplug all the cables carefully, not to damage them.  Use twist ties to carefully secure the cables. Mark the cables and ports with colored labels.

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by Ciprian Gurgu


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