How To Prepare Your Kids for Relocation

Find out how to prepare your kids for relocation and if you need any help with the move, contact professional companies which offer moving services in Pasadena.

  • bg1Inform them as soon as possible. As soon as the decision has been made, tell your kids about that and get them involved in the process. Announcing them early will provide some assurance that they matter.
  • Convoke a family meeting, preferable at the dinner table. Make sure all members, including the kids, are present. In order not to make children worry about the subject of your news, don’t announce the meeting unless it’s a regular happening in your household. Make it a spontaneous get-together meeting.
  • Remain open to everything that happens. Allow your children to be upset and ask as many questions they want. Let them storm off to their room. But above all, let them talk and express their feeling and needs.
  • Be strong and announce that the decision is final. Keep this in mind later during the move when you start to get tired. Always show your children you are sure of the decision and to always remain firm. Wavering on your moving decision or expressing doubts will cause your children to worry and to feel even more uncertain then they would usually be.
  • Give all required info. Kids will ask about new school, new hoods and if there are any attractions or pleasant landmarks there. No matter how crazy their questions about the new place or the move would be, try to answer them.
  • Schedule the move with them. Make sure you let them know the general details of your move, including where, when, why and how. If they want to know more, they’ll ask.
  • Make sure to understand what they want to get with them. Throwing away favorite toys or memories is unforgivable. Make sure to avoid that by giving sufficient time for the kids to pack their stuff.

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