How To Move Home Appliances In Pasadena

General-Tips-on-Moving-Furniture2Moving home appliances is a difficult task you have to face when moving into a new home. There are many things that need to be planned and you will need to arm yourself with a lot of patience and, of course, boxes (big ones).

Appliances are big and bulky and seem unmovable, but with a bit of effort you can move any house no matter how big. And if not, you can always hire a Pasadena moving company to do the job for you.

1.       Plan ahead!

When moving, good organization is the key to success. You must be prepared before you start packing and most of your time will be spent gathering moving supplies and planning. Here are a few steps you have to take before you start packing:

  • Gather moving supplies. You will need the following: boxes, duct tape, peanut foam, bubble wrap, paper, a piece of hardboard and markers.
  • Clean the floor. A dirty floor can make moving heavy appliances extremely difficult. Grit and dirt act like obstacles which can damage your floor.
  • Make room. Make sure you have enough space to move your appliances out of the house. Take any furniture that may be in your way.

2.       Disassemble appliances 

Make things easier for yourself by disassembling appliances if possible. Trays from stoves, dishwashers and fridges should be packed separately. Other compartments your fridge may have can also be taken away and packed separately in a box.

3.       Use a hardboard

Lifting heavy appliances is not good for you. Unless you decide to call a Pasadena Moving Company, you should not lift heavy appliances all by yourself. The best way to move them around is by lifting the front feet and placing them on a piece of hardboard. Do the same with the back feet and then gently push the hardboard forward. This method is useful as it prevents damages to the floor and makes things a little easier.

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by Bogdan Moisa