How To Move Fine Art

Find out how to move fine art paintings and sculptures and hire the best Pasadena residential movers for this job!

The first advice when moving fine art is that you should not cut corners and you should work only with the best: the best moving equipment, the best supplies and the best company. Valuable paintings need to be crated if you want to ensure maximum safety. This essentially means building a wooden case around the painting and disassembling the case upon reaching destination. A tough wooden crate built around the painting, using its specific dimensions, will protect it against sliding furniture, changing humidity and other possibly dangers.

Some moving companies may try to get away with less, but even if improper packing works 99 percent of the time, that small possibility can cause disastrous events and leave your precious work of art damaged beyond repair. Some paintings need to be placed in climate-controlled environments so as not to damage the delicate pigments used. This is why we recommend consultations with a professional moving company and art expert. In this way, your paintings will receive adequate protection.  Specialized, adjustable transportation frames for use with paintings are widely available and should be used when you’re dealing with irreplaceable masterpieces.

Sculptures come in all shapes and sizes and each item must be addressed individually. Crating is a typical and reliable option for even the most delicate sculptures; once secured in a foam-padded crate, they are resistant to transportation damage in all but the most serious cases. Museum-quality travel crates have built-in frameworks, padding, custom cribbing and cushioning. When it comes to sculptures, the main consideration is often transport itself. Even relatively small sculptures can be difficult and cumbersome to move. Make sure you measure the object carefully and then determine whether it will fit through any doorways or hallways it has to go through.

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