How To Move Antique And Other Valuables In Pasadena

When moving with valuable items such as antiques, one needs the service offered by the most experience moving companies. In Pasadena, that would mean hiring licensed residential movers Pasadena company.

moving-company-300x185It’s important to consider the shape and size of your antique possessions as well as any handles or pieces that could break easily. Wrap the piece completely in bubble wrap, securing with tape. Place it on one piece of pliable cut cardboard. Place an identical piece of cardboard on top of the item. Then bend the cardboard ends to meet and secure with tape. Don’t be shy with the tape. Wrap the entire piece with tape if necessary. You want the fragile item snug and stable. Then place the piece in a paper lined box that’s roughly the same size as the object, placing crumpled paper in any gaps. Lastly tape up the box securely and mark in bold felt marker: FRAGILE.

Large electronics like TVs can go with the mover if there isn’t enough room in the car. Read more here on how to move a large screen TV. When moving long-distance especially, it’s important to know how your moving company will keep your belongings secure during transit. How each type of mover protects your valuables. If you move with a full-service moving company, they will likely provide full-value coverage of your belongings. However, they might have different insurance regulations for high-value items.

The one thing to be aware of is that full-service movers could co-mingle your belongings with other households moving in the same direction or transfer your belongings to another truck without your supervision. Find out how secure your valuables will be if you choose this kind of mover. If you do all the work yourself and rent a moving truck, your belongings will “technically” be with you. However, while you’re sleeping in the hotel room, all your valuables will be sitting out in the parking lot. Be sure to check what items are covered when you purchase damage protection.

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