How To Efficiently Relocate Gym Equipment

Having a home gym is a convenience that allows you exercise without the nuisance of paying a monthly fee or feeling ashamed that you do not yet have a perfect shape. Figuring out how to efficiently relocate gym equipment, though, can provide a challenge. Exercise equipment is heavy, awkwardly shaped and typically difficult to disassemble. Despite this, with a bit of planning and some hard work, moving the equipment to a new residence does not have to be an ordeal. Furthermore, you can call several residential movers in Pasadena which has experience in relocation gym equipment.  Getting external help for complex projects is always a smart solution.

gym equipmentEven though you may be thoroughly familiar with the structure of the gym and how the parts go together and even if you have the all the instructions manuals, we recommend you to take several photos from different angles, with clear views of the gym cable routings. The pictures must show whether the cables go over or under each of the gym’s pulleys. This simple task can save a lot of effort during the gym’s reassembly. Begin by removing all of the gym attachments, such as, lat bars, triceps ropes, ab straps, ankle straps, chains, weight selection pins, etc. and place them where no one will trip over them.

Next, remove the weight stacks. Disconnect the cable from the selector rod or top plate of the weight stack. Tape the cable to a convenient frame piece out of your way, as much as possible; you may have to move it later.  Disconnect the weight stack guide rods at their tops where they attach to the frame. Once the guide rods are loosened, starting with the top weight plate, lift it up and over the top of the guide rods and hand it to someone to stack on the floor, out of the way. Continue the process, removing one weight plate at a time, until the guide rods are empty. Keep weights from each machine together, and label them accordingly. Secure loose cords and wires with tape or twist ties. Pack pieces from the same machine together. Label each part with masking tape and permanent marker.

We recommend you to hire professional movers for gym relocation.  Do not attempt to lift or move a large piece of exercise equipment yourself. Large pieces can weigh hundreds of pounds and often are awkwardly weighted, so an unsupported side could cause accidents and injuries.

If you want to work with an experienced, competent mover, hire us!

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