How To Clean Your Home Before Moving In

Moving to a new home can be a really wonderful experience. You will meet new people, make new friends and make new memories. But before actually settle in this new place, you must pack all your belongings from the old residence and have them shipped away. Relocation can be a really dreadful process for person, especially if that person does not have the required experience and knowledge.  Before calling movers in Pasadena or nearby you should learn first how to clean your home before actually moving in.

cheap-movers-300x200Each room must be cleaned individually and according to certain specification. We all want our new home to look pretty and clean.  Usually the kitchen is the first room you should handle. Clean and disinfect all the surfaces, especially the places where you will prepare the meals and any sink around.  It is recommended to have a heavy-duty cleaner for appliances.

The surfaces can be cleaned with baking soda and water and with the help of sponges or heavy-duty cloths. Make sure not to scratch any surface.  Apply oven cleaners and grease removers for your stove, if needed.  Check under the hood and clean the area. Next, clean the refrigerator.

Remove and wash all the bins and drawers and let them dry before placing them back.  Verify if the freezer is clean and working.  Again, use a soft cloth and make sure not to scratch the surface of the freezer. Clean the sides and the handles of the fridge; these are the places where dust and dirt gather.

This is only the beginning. You will have to clean sinks, kitchen cabinets, counters, walls, floors, carpets and so on.  And this just for a single room: the kitchen. Can you imagine all the work needed for totally cleaning a whole house? Certainly it can take countless hours.  If you need professional help, do not waste time and contact a moving company near Pasadena.  They perform all sorts of services including packing, wrapping, shipping and even cleaning the house for you.

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by Ciprian Gurgu