How to Find Free Moving Supplies!

Moving to a new place does not sound so exciting when you begin to realize the amount of work involved. It takes a sufficient amount for planning and careful resource management. You must find all the needed moving supplies before you can even start to move.

packers-in-laMaking an inventory list with needed moving supplies is the best thing to start the whole planning. The cost of supplies will be added to the total cost of the move. You should be careful not to spend too much on moving materials and if possible, find free moving supplies. For more information about the whole relocation process, contact a moving company in Los Angeles:

1)     Search for original boxes. Different electronics and devices are packed in special boxes when delivered to a customer. It is always recommended to store these boxes in a place.  When moving, the boxes will come in handy.

They will not only save you money, but they will also provide a secure containment environment, presuming that the boxes are not damaged. Plus, most of the boxes come with cushioning and wrapping materials. These, again, will save you money.

2)     Visit local stores. If you know someone that owns or works in a store, ask if they have a surplus of cardboard boxes and they want to get rid of them. Or if they want to sell them, try to negotiate for a very low price.  You can also check local recycling centers. People leave their unwanted boxes there.

3)     Covert some of you unwanted clothes into useful wrapping materials. Old towels and shirts or blouses can be easily converted to wrapping materials. Make sure to clean these items before you wrap them.

4)     Ask your hired mover.  You may be able to negotiate for some free boxes or other supplies when hiring them.

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by Ciprian Gurgu


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