5 Tips for Moving a Garage in Los Angeles

Touch Up GaragePacking a garage for a move is a complicated, time consuming activity.  If you want to finish faster and easier, LA residential movers provide these 5 tips for moving a garage in Los Angeles:

  • Remove all fuels and batteries from small vehicles that will shipped away. Check if lanterns, lawn mowers, garden tractors and all other gears have their batteries and fuels extracted. Many things can happen during a move, including a road bump that can make some fuel spilled out of the reservoir. Having leaked fuel and electrically powered devices in the same place is really not a good combo.  It only takes a small spark for a disaster to happen. This is why we recommend you to prevent this sort of incidents.
  • You should group up items by their function. This will make it easier for you to keep record of them and to properly pack them. Plus, it will make labeling easier.
  • Get rid of useless or expired chemicals. People tend to keep in their garage various pesticides, insecticides or other types of poisonous substances. If you no longer need them, you should gather them in a bag or box and get rid of them in hazardous substances disposal facility. Do not throw them in the toilet and flush them away. This will only damage the environment.
  • Do not let children pack the garage. This is a place packed with dangerous objects, chemicals and all sort of mechanical devices. If you do not want your children to be exposed to a tremendous risk, keep them away from garage while you pack it.
  • Hire a professional mover. Each stage of the operations will be handled by a team of experts. This is far better than working with amateurs. Movers will help you pack, label, load and transport all items found in your garage.

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