5 Tips to Make A Los Angeles Move Safer!

If you want to move faster and safer, hire Los Angeles movers.  Follow these 5 tips to make a Los Angeles move safer:

movers-company-300x2031)     Purchase a moving insurance. Moving insurance is not sold by moving companies, but by those that sell home insurance or other types of similar insurance. Having a moving insurance will help you recover a part of the monetary value of a lost, stolen or damaged item.

2)     Hire a competent local mover.  Search online for local movers and compare their reviews.  You can ask more about a certain mover at the Better Business Bureau.  Check for websites where people post their testimonials and experiences with movers. Once you have found 2 or 3 good movers, visit their websites, read more about their services and contact them.

3)     Ask for an in-person evaluation.  Ask for evaluator. That person will come at your place and will analyze the cargo you want to transport. He will make some suggestions regarding the adequate materials and where you should purchase them. The evaluator will also tell you more about fees and in the number of labor hours required to get the job done.

4)     Buy adequate packing and wrapping materials.  The integrity of your belongings greatly depends on the items you choose to wrap them with. If you have fragile items, buy sturdy boxes, with thick walls. All the cardboard boxes should be intact, without any structural damage.  You will need to form layers of cushioning materials using packing peanuts or polystyrene foam. Make sure that the items are properly wrapped and they are not moving inside the box.

5)     Monitor the traffic and weather. You should be aware if some roads are scheduled to be blocked or if there are major events that may block some roads. Also, pay attention to weather condition. Try not to move many things when it is too hot outside.

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by Ciprian Gurgu